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Snowmobile Rental Birchwood

Quick Details

Price starts at
One Seat
Snowmobile | Seven Hours Rental Birchwood Ages 18+ | Valid Drivers License
Two Seats
Snowmobile | Seven Hours Rental Birchwood

Explore with our Snowmobile Rentals in Wisconsin!

Airtec Rental offers the most premium snowmobiles around! In all of Birchwood, Wisconsin, there isn’t a friendlier or more knowledgeable staff than ours. Get out there and enjoy the outdoors with the most recent in snowmobile technology.

Important Information

  • Must provide a valid driver’s license.
  • Must be 18 years or older to rent and have appropriate Wisconsin DNR certification to operate.
  • Insurance and a $1,500 security deposit hold are required for every rental.
  • In addition, there will be a $5,000 deductible in the event of damage.
  • Machines must be returned with a full tank. If a machine isn’t full, there will be a charge of $10 per gallon to fill it.

Snowmobile Safety Certificate

  • Must be 18 to rent and operate a snowmobile.
  • If you were born after 1/1/1985, you must complete a snowmobile safety course before you can legally drive a snowmobile. If you were born before 1/1/1985, you do not need to take the safety course, but it is highly recommended.
  • If you have questions regarding the safety course, visit WI DNR or call/text us at 715-500-5232.
  • Online Course Options: